DOM Watch Strap Quality Uncompromised

What is DÓM?

Elevating your urban essentials to an uncompromising level.

Merged together the finest materials with delicate handmade craft, we unearthed something that even ourselves will joyously use daily.

Unquestionably top quality yet fairly valued, this is DOM.

Apple Watch Strap

Your everyday companion has never felt and looked this good.

We’ve got you covered with these individual styles to suit your desire.

Italian Fine Grain

Calf leather from Italian’s world class tannery, RMG Pomari. Use by renowned luxury brands on their handbag and watch strap. Famous by its Full Grain with fine natural texture which offer utmost softness and vibrant colour. It’s time for you to experience the strap with world class quality leather.

German Visible Grain

Shrunken calf hides from Perlinger Leder, the much sought-after German’s tannery. The unique processes ensure supple-to-touch yet durable with striking Full Grain finish. The strap will leave you wonder; how can something feel this good?

Italian Vegetable Tanned

Exclusive vegetable tanned from Tuscany in Italy by the Conceria Il Ponte tannery. Made with ancient technique, famed by its rustic and rugged look with individual evolving patina.This Full Grain strap will only get better over time, just like you.

Quick Release Strap
Coming Soon

Matching your watch to the outfit or mood of the day has never been this easy. Your favourite watch, limitless looks.